Details on Image Refresh

As part of our standard scanning service, Aberscan takes every scan and processes it through Photoshop (TM) to repair years of degradation, such as fading, color shift to yellow or red, dust, or scratches. Its like years of grim have been lifted off of your favorite memories! For each and every scanned image, we do the following:

In addition, all images are reviewed one-by-one and manually adjusted where possible. At this time, major blemishes in the image (spots, scratches, etc.) are removed if trivial to do so.

Category Example
Improve Color: Return much of the color and luster that your photos have lost over the years. Photos
Improve Contrast: Return much of the contrast that your photos have lost over the years – especially on black and white photos. Photos
Remove dust and minor scratches: Remove the dust and scratches that photos pick up over time through normal handling. Photos