Scanning Prices for Photos, Slides, or Negatives

Photos Resolution Scanning Prices Comments
500 or less 500 or more 1000 or more
600 dpi 35¢ 30¢ 25¢ These prices include:

  • Scanning any size of photos up to 11.5″x 16.5″, plus 35mm slides and negatives
  • Automatic image enhancement using Photoshop (TM)
  • JPEG format
  • Extra charges apply to photos smaller than 2″x2″ or large format negatives. See the “Additional Charges” section for details

800 dpi 40¢ 35¢ 30¢
1200 dpi 55¢ 50¢ 45¢
Slides Resolution 500 or less 500 or more 1000 or more
4000 dpi 65¢ 60¢ 55¢
Negatives Resolution 500 or less 500 or more 1000 or more
4000 dpi 90¢ 85¢ 80¢

Additional charges are listed below

Category Price Per Image Comments
8G USB (Thumb) Drive $5 Copy all images on to a USB drive. This is the default option since many laptops these days no longer contain DVD drives
DVD $10 Copy all images on to a DVD
Manual enhancements 20¢ All scanned images go through basic color and contrast enhancement in Photoshop. There is a charge for additional manual enhancement
Albums 20¢ If the photo is easily taken out of album, the charge is to remove and re-insert photo from album. If the photo can’t be removed, the charge is to scan the photo ‘in-place’
Photos smaller than 2″ x 2″ 20¢ Charge is to scan each photo individually on a flat bed scanner. Resolution is 600dpi
Large format negatives 20¢ Charge is to scan each negative individually on a flat bed scanner. Resolution is 2400dpi

Slideshow Pricing

Pricing for slideshows is split out as follows. NOTE that these prices do not include the cost of scanning and enhancing the photos to be used with the slide show

Category Price Comments
Slideshow Movie (up to 150 images) $145 Deliverable is a USB thumb drive with slideshow stored as a Quicktime Movie (1080 x 768) that will play on a computer. USB drive also contains the scanned and enhanced images, as well as any music purchased to go with the slideshow.
Additional images 90¢/image Cost to manually adjust each image to make best use of Ken-burns effect
Music Varies Download charge (Typically between 99¢ and $1.29 per song)
Video DVD $25 Charge is to create a customized menu screen and then create an additional DVD that will play on a computer or on a DVD player

Aberscan Also Offers the Following Optional Services

In addition to scanning, Aberscan offers the following services:

Service Price Comments
Photo Tagging 30¢ per image Tag your digital images to capture information such as name of people in the photo, location, year, event, etc. Tagging information is stored with your image, making them compatible with most photo search tools
Photo Restoration
$55/hr Restore damaged photos
Document scanning
25¢ per page Scan your documents alongside your photos. Scans done at 200dpi. Deliverables are searchable PDFs
Video Transfer $39.95 (1hr) $44.95 (2hr) Transfer your old video VHS/Beta tapes to a DVD
Audio Transfer $29.95 (1hr) $34.95 (2hr) Transfer your old cassette tapes to CD
Film Transfer $40 for 1st 50 ft. $0.20/ft thereafter Transfer your old film to DVD. 8mm/Super8/16mm. If the film is over 2 hrs long, then $29.99 per additional DVD

Delivery Prices

Choose the delivery option that best meets your need. We will return both your originals and the media containing your digital images in the same package

Method Price Comments
UPS At cost (typically $8) Aberscan will ship all original items and your scanned images via UPS. We use UPS to ensure your originals are safely returned to you
Hand Delivery $20 each way If you live within 20 miles of Alamo, CA, then Aberscan will pick up your originals from your home or office, and/or drop them off, along with your scanned images